Powered by Cosmic Gate’s Wake Your Mind Records, Greenhaven DJs have always existed at the more experimental end of progressive’s spectrum. Today however, through their ‘Vagabond EP’, the duo are pushing that future-music needle all the way into the red. More creatively crafted sonics this month you simply will not find!

Further, if a full EP of Greenhaven music wasn’t good news enough, Trevor Haimes and Nicolas Mendoza Conner have framed the EPs works in a DJ set, which they livestreamed from the awe-inspiring Brooklyn Army Terminal. Advanced sonics from atmospheric spaces, you can put eyes and ears to it all now … here!

—————————————————————————————————————————Talking about the Livestream, Greenhaven DJs commented “while writing the “Vagabond” EP, we spent several months looking for a place that would be the most fitting for our sound. We have a relatively dark, cinematic sonic, so we wanted to look for run-down/dystopian spaces that would mesh best with our music. As residents of Brooklyn, we have a strong affinity with the borough, and we had a long list of spaces we were interested in. The dystopian brutalist architecture of the Brooklyn Army Terminal however was our first and foremost! Once we started reaching out we found there were many obstacles, but through sheer luck, legwork and some connections we ultimately managed to secure it. We also had the privilege to be the first DJs to perform in the Warehouse B atrium on the main railroad tracks themselves, which was a trip in itself. We are still pinching ourselves and are incredibly grateful to all those who helped make this Livestream happen!

First out of ‘Vagabond EP’s bag is the title track itself – a breaks-fed ether-summoner straight from the pages of ‘Northern Exposure’. As it progresses, spacey horns meet jagged little riffs, long drawn strings and the subtlest of piano aftertouches. ‘Vagabond’s followed by the Cosmic Gate x Greenhaven collab ‘Retrospection’. Drum-punch, cybery FX, saw-toothed-synths, chasm-like drops and a deeply warped bass all pressure-cook the quartet’s production.

More Cosmically attuned music is right around the EP’s corner, as the Greenhaven DJs remix Nic & Bossi’s classic ‘Analog Feel’. Techily mutated synths, surging riffs and darkly artful FX contrast with harmonic waves, that play terrestrial beauty off against subterranean beast! Seeing the EP out is Greenhaven DJs own ‘Conjure’, which drops the kicks out entirely and ramps up the EQ to supply ‘Vagabond’ the most splendidly dystopian of conclusions!

You can find streaming and sales options for the ‘Vagabond EP’ are here [] and you can immerse yourself in Greenhaven DJs BAT livestream here.


Greenhaven DJs – Vagabond EP Tracklist
—————————————————————————————————————————01: Greenhaven DJs – Vagabond
Cosmic Gate & Greenhaven DJs – Retrospection
Cosmic Gate – Analog Feel (Greenhaven DJs Remix)
Greenhaven DJs – Conjure

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