September 24, 2023 – :Los Angeles-based electronic duo, Die Sexual recently unveiled their latest EP, Bound.

Bound brings to light our beliefs of submission and dominance being an intricate part of many human relationships,

The duo states, “We wanted to create music that reflects the dynamic interplay that deepens connections and intimacy. While this has been a stepping stone into our own discovery, we wanted to challenge listeners to unearth their inner-most passions and relinquish inhibition.”

A track like “Bound, I Rise” is about the “dance of control” of relationships, finding confidence and power in assuming the dominant role while on the next track, “On This Night”, the narrative is flipped to completely submitting to our desires.

The final track “Fate Awaits” contemplates this interplay on another level, being chained to one’s own thoughts of despair and uncertainty before the final realization that “fate awaits only in my own hands”, a taking back of control.

Driven by the duo’s shared love of electronic music, the Bound EP was crafted in their home studio of vintage analog and modular synthesizers and was fueled by their inspiration from classic EBM and modern techno. The hope is for the listeners to share in the musical journey, on the dancefloors, in the basements and in the bedrooms.

Bound is available on all major digital platforms including Spotify and Bandcamp.

Stream the single, “Bound, I Rise” HERE:


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