To many, the word ‘Goodbye’ might signal an impending departure, but in the case of electronic artist AVAION and respected vocalist Sam Welch, it’s the marking of their debut alliance. The new single in question comes out on Sony Music this Autumn and tells an honest tale of resistance and heartache in letting go.


Putting this all-too-human emotion into lyrical and musical form, you’d be mistaken to assume a sombre ballad awaits. AVAION’s elevated club-ready production is apparent on first spin. Building into the track with an organic heartbeat-like drum pad rhythm, AVAION’s signature warped synths soon satisfy the urge to get lost in the moment as Sam Welch’s emotively powered vocals reach the hypnotic chorus.


AVAION on the song’s creation: “I have always been a fan of Sam’s work. We connected on Instagram then he sent me the vocal idea of ‘Goodbye’ and I was instantly blown away. I immediately had an idea of the direction we could go in and pulled an all-nighter in the studio to have the entire song ready that night. I am incredibly proud of the sound design and the variety of melodies that are in the song. We’ve created something big here.”

On the collaboration, Sam Welch adds:Like everyone else, I have been eagerly following AVAION’s work over last few years. We threw some ideas down over a zoom call and then AVAION went away and did his magic…a few short days later ‘Goodbye’ was born. The lyric was inspired by a poem that I wrote about relationships. It basically says that when things get hard, the easiest thing to do is runaway. But, that doesn’t make things better. If you want to fix something in a relationship you have to put in the work.”

Both AVAION and Sam Welch are masters of communicating their inner most feelings with the outside world through music. Platinum-selling electronic artist AVAION gears up for his most explorative offering yet in his 2024 debut album. Sam Welch, a talented producer, vocalist and songwriter, has laid down his tonal charm on huge labels from Universal to Disco Wax and gained BBC Radio 1 support. Ultimately, we’re left asking why these two musical forces are only now falling into alignment.


‘Goodbye’ from AVAION and Sam Welch is out now on Sony Music.