Dynamic DJ/Production duo Bubba Brothers join the stellar lineup of Soundvision Presents WORLDS at LDN EAST. Bubba Brothers, keep pushing boundaries and revealing new dates from their Frenetic Tour; the duo will be gracing the stage at the highly anticipated event, Soundvision Presents WORLDS. The event is set to take place at LDN EAST, and it promises to be a journey through Electronic soundscapes and underground sounds like no other. 

Bubba Brothers, consisting of the talented Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos, have become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Electronic Dance music. Their innovative fusion of House, Techno, Progressive House, and Tribal House sounds has captivated audiences worldwide, earning them praise from fans and peers alike. 

Sharing the stage with legendary artists like Silicon Soul, Politics Of Dancing, Pornbugs, and Terry Francis, among others, Bubba Brothers’ inclusion in the WORLDS lineup is proof of their rising prominence in the Electronic Dance music landscape. With their magnetic stage presence and electrifying performances, the duo is poised to take the LDN EAST crowd on a thrilling sonic journey. 

Soundvision Presents WORLDS will be held on Sunday, 20th August, from 2 PM till 11 PM, promising an unforgettable day and night of music and energy. LDN EAST, renowned for hosting unmissable events in the city, will provide the perfect backdrop for this epic celebration of Electronic music. 

Fans can expect Bubba Brothers to unleash their signature hard-hitting beats, pulsating basslines, and mesmerizing melodies, creating an immersive experience that will transport the audience into another realm of pure musical bliss. Tickets for WORLDS can be purchased online, and with Bubba Brothers’ addition to the lineup, the event surely promises to be a success.  

As Bubba Brothers continue to shape the future of Electronic Dance music with their groundbreaking sound and unwavering passion, their performance at WORLDS is a must-see moment for fans and newcomers alike. Join us at LDN EAST on Sunday, 20th August, and let Bubba Brothers and the incredible lineup of artists of the event take you on an unforgettable journey through the WORLDS of Electronic music. 

For more information and ticket bookings, visit the official website of Soundvision Presents WORLDS. 

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