August 7, 2023 – Industrial band, Elektrikill recently unveiled their latest full-length release, Monsters.

Monsters deals with the dark side of the human condition. We’re all monsters, one way or another. The connections are all the ways someone can be hiding a monster. The album’s songs deal with life in the internet/social media age, culminating with the song “Your Browser Is” – a comment on targeted information.

Musically, Monsters has two distinct sections: the first six songs were given a club-vibe while the second eight songs were based on Steve Vil’s time as a soundtrack composer: “Requiem”, for example, began as an instrumental piece used in the climactic overdose death scene of a character in one of the films Vil scored. Furthermore, the aforementioned closing track, “Your Browser Is”, hints towards Elektrikill’s future sound: a heavy beat, spooky synths and huge bursts of industrial noise.

Vil’s musical influences range from early industrial innovators like Cabaret Voltaire, Gary Numan, Skinny Puppy & Ministry to the future industrial sound makers like KMFDM, Laibach & Rammstein.

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