In name, nature (and track number!), no one reigns quite as ‘Heavy’ as Christina Novelli! Promising much at ‘23’s outset, she quickly delivered with her Paul Oakenfold and Richard Durand team-ups. However, it’s the English singer/songwriter’s new solo standalone material that’s garnered the greatest fire. That reaches its first summation today, as she completes her ‘Heavy EP’ with the floor-flooring, ‘Memories’.

‘Heavy’ largely concerns itself with matters of the heart, however it’s how Christina frames and delivers her stories that make them so draw-you-in immersive.

Love is rarely a clean-cut affair and when it comes to reflecting that, the EP’s title track isn’t pulling any punches – emotional or otherwise. It does however 180 the traditional ‘if you love something, set it free’ viewpoint – switching it from liberator, to the recently liberated. For every tonal yin on ‘Heavy’, there’s a yang waiting just around the corner, and ‘We’re Home’ brings the EP something far more ‘together-forever’ in message.

I’m lost without you … but don’t you dare take me back” sings Christina on her most recent single, ‘Black Heart’. Flipping the conventional break-up script, her lyrics lay bare a tale that as searingly introspective as they come. The ‘Heavy EP’ concludes with brand new track ‘Memories’ and those picturing a lamentation on love will need to check twice! Themed around the power of reflection, its elevating synths and optimistic tone kisses the EP off in the most elevating of manners.

‘Heavy’s emotional jigsaw completes today – find Christina Novelli’s masterpiece on all good sales and streaming platforms here [].

‘Heavy EP’ tracklist:

01: Christina Novelli ‘Heavy’
02: Christina Novelli ‘We’re Home’
03: Christina Novelli ‘Black Heart’
04: Christina Novelli ‘Memories’