Solarstone and Cold Blue have both had hot remix runs of late. Solarstone’s been on the receiving end, most recently with LostLegend’s killer ‘Shards’ remake), while Tobias has been delivering on Thrillseekers’ ‘Standing On The Edge Of Space’ for his new Cold Blue Recordings label. You’d need to rewind far further (to his rework of Solarstone’s ‘Rainbow King’) though, to find the last time their remix-paths crossed directly.

The pair have been on the lookout for another coming-together moment ever since and the ideal opportunity presented itself when Solarstone’s ‘Hope’ began lighting floor fires all the way from Amsterdam to Zhengzhou! Hatching a plan together to see ‘Hope’s doves fly again, Cold Blue’s remix is making that happen today!

Accentuated no end by its irresistible pad and chord progressions, ‘Hope’s Original had melodics, harmonics and flow at its core… It’ll no doubt delight the track’s fans to know that on his mix, Cold Blue’s done away with precisely none of that! What Tobias has done however is to tap its tempo pedal, deepen the resonance of its bass and strengthen its drum kick. Mixing just enough beast into its beauty, he edges ‘Hope’ closer to that end-of-the-night spin.

Through Cold Blue’s rework, ‘Hope’ springs eternal! Sales and streaming options can be found via all good platforms here [].


  1. Solarstone – Hope (Cold Blue Remix)
    02. Solarstone – Hope (Cold Blue Extended Remix)