Nitro Fun returns to Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak Records with his very unique single “Bass Like,” in collaboration with fellow producers Ramlode & 2ka. The track opens with a driving bassline underneath undulating melodies with a digitized feel, then switches things up with trap-influenced basslines and serrating synths complemented with distorted vocals. As if that wasn’t enough, Nitro Fun mixes it up further in the third part of “Bass Like” with a hip-hop interlude and 2ka‘s vocals, making the track a truly one-of-a-kind sonic experience. It represents Nitro Fun‘s signature sound, making for a video-game-inspired, epic journey. He recently released “Call Me Up” (feat. Namelle) and “Chase Me” with Linney, also on Dim Mak.

I met Ramlode in my hometown around 4 years ago. Since then, we have become good friends thanks to music but never worked on a song together until now. He’s very active in the local hip-hop scene and agreed to help produce the trap inspiration for this track. He called 2ka to the studio one day, and he recorded these fire vocals. It’s a track that came together very naturally and with the help of good friends, so that gives it an even more special vibe, in my opinion.” – Nitro Fun

Nitro Fun is a human music producer from planet Earth. He’s known for being a pioneer in the genre of electro house with a mix of chiptune which has resonated with videogame fans across the world. Nitro Fun‘s music has been used in video games such as Sonic The HedgehogForza HorizonJust ShapesBeats, etc. Given his musical impact, he has also performed at some of the biggest events in the world, such as Ultra KoreaEDC MexicoVH1 Supersonic, and more. With hundreds of millions of streams under his belt, Nitro Fun is one of the most listened to producers in Mexico, his home country.