We asked DeusExMaschine to give us five tracks that inspire his style, taking influence from his progression in and around the legendary French House scene. Check out his picks below!


Daft Punk – ‘Rollin’ & Scratchin’


This piece was a huge slap in the face. It bridged the gap between Techno and House with the energy of Rock with its hi-hat on the beat. Daft Punk was already enjoying a huge hype in France in 1995 and this track was driving people crazy at raves.


Darius – ‘Maliblue’


Disco House is definitely my root. The label Roche Musique and one of its flagship artists, Darius, represented a real revival of the French Touch in the early 2010s, with a lot of class and a very organic side to their productions.


Mercer – ‘Everybody’ 


I loved this track with this oversized sample but Mercer made it a real banger by working on the structure and the sound design. It’s thanks to him and the Collective Pardon My French (with DJ Snake, Tchami and Malaa) that I discovered that Disco House could work in festivals by modernizing it with Tech House or Future House elements.


Matroda, Bleu Clair – ‘Disco Tool’

It’s simple, I would have loved to produce this track! A perfect and groovy fusion of Disco House and Tech House. It drove me crazy! The Indonesian Bleu Clair is super talented, he tries to push the boundaries and what he does inspires me a lot.


Nuzb – ‘Shake It’ 


I discovered the Brazilian Nuzb very recently and it’s funny to have the impression to have a musical clone at the other end of the planet, his style is very close to mine. The Brazilian scene seems to be in full swing.  Anyway, if he reads me, we have to make a collab!