February 17, 2023 – Austin, Texas – based electronic act, Gleaming has just unveiled details about their new EP, We Dissolve.

We Dissolve is an ode to one’s former self and depression, habits, partners, family, friends, etc. It’s an attempt to bring closure to a darker past and to celebrate life in a more positive and meaningful sense.

The first single, “Run Faster” touches on this in the most literal sense with lines such as “the phone, the ego, the friends, the future, the body I’m in – all telling me to run”. The second single, “The Ashes”, further alludes to the former self with, “No, Master you are blinded. It’s only you to play the fool”. and “I hope you’re burning. I’ll watch you turn into ashes”.

“After drumming for a handful of different screamo and indie/dream-pop bands, I found my way to electronic music. I wanted to take the inspiration and influence from artists I love and blend it with my experience in the indie and dream/synth-pop bands. Creating a dark, danceable tone with really catchy melodies and lyrics, hoping to capture the perfect segue from dark to light.” – Darryl Schomberg II

We Dissolve is the perfect introduction to a new and refreshing voice to keep an eye on. The EP also includes a collaboration with Vestite, and was beautifully mixed and mastered by Iacopo Bigagli (Kaelan Mikla’s Live Engineer).

Darryl Schomberg II goes on to talk about his inspiration….

“I’ve been heavy into darker electronic music for the better part of the last 20 years of my life. NIN’s The Fragile was a security blanket for me as I plunged through puberty in a pretty untrusting and judgmental home life. Around the same time, I dove heavily into Depeche Mode’s Playing the Angel, and then digging through their back catalogue and similar 80’s wave and post-punk artists. I also found huge inspiration in Boy Harsher. For me, they nailed that grittier side of darkwave/pop that I’d been trying to find for years.”

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