Today sees Siskin, the all-singing/spinning/songwriting sistership of Sue McLaren and Suzanne Chesterton, sign off their second 2022 EP. And if there wasn’t quite enough ‘S’s in a sentence for you … well here’s another! ‘Seratonin’, the EP from which it’s all come has had one central theme, and that’s concerned matters of the heart. Following the progressively hypnotic ‘Always You’, ‘Nobody Loves Me’ and its thematic expansion ‘Piece Of My Love’, the EPs rounded off by feelings of an even more thought provoking nature …

Siskin’s ‘Deeper Love’ completes ‘Seratonin’ today.

Scratch beneath its surface and you’ll see that Sue and Suzanne have done something both remarkably smart, but also remarkably balanced with the EP. While ‘Nobody’ and ‘Piece’ speak to its subject’s numerous upsides, both musically and lyrically, ‘Deeper Love’ heads further down ‘Always You’s not quite so sanguine road.

Its words speak to the pitfalls – both perceived and actual – of a relationship where emotions run unchecked … and feelings might just be out of control. “Can we survive a deeper love?” its song contemplates … and it’s a provocative question at that. Siskin mirrors the feel of the music with pensive breakbeats, mournful horns and equally brooding piano lines, while their gently modulating pads & chords hint at the hope of a rescued outcome.

A force to be reckoned with, Siskin wraps up the ‘Serotonin EP’ with ‘Deeper Love’ today. Find it through all good sales and streaming channels here []


01: Siskin ‘Always You’

02: Siskin ‘Deeper Love’

03: Siskin ‘Piece Of My Love’

04: Siskin ‘Nobody Loves Me’