Working with vocalists largely unknown within his artistic space has been just one of the atypical approaches Giuseppe Ottaviani’s taken for his ‘Horizons’ album project. With that has come one stunning studio creation after another, all of which have reshaped the understanding of what Giuseppe ‘is’.

Most recently that’s come to include the touching lament of ‘Bittersweet’ – Ottaviani’s collaboration with Norwegian songstress Katrine Stenbekk. With ‘Horizons [Part 2]’ now fast approaching its November release, Giuseppe brings the album one final precursor single. For it, he’s united with Melbourne-born-and-based singer Jess Ball, for the haunting and never-less-than-intriguing ‘Silhouettes & Outlines’.

Belying her 22-years, Jess brings a mass of previous experience to Giuseppe’s latest. Having recorded with producers including EDX, Curbi and Dash Berlin, and for labels like Monstercat, Size and Spinnin’, she’s a girl who knows a hooky vocal when it’s been written! That’s born out to the fullest degree on ‘Silhouettes & Outlines’, a track even richer in metaphor than its title suggests.

While music from the ‘Horizons’ album is typically less dancefloor-centric, Giuseppe equips its production with purposeful drums, technotic percussion and shadier FX. Its harmonies curl, while its diving-bell-deep bass ensures that the moodier shadows of ‘Silhouettes & Outlines’ are cast good and long.

The concluding part of ‘Horizons’ is on the horizon, with [Part 2] all set to drop on November 11. In the meantime, embrace the Fall with ‘Silhouettes & Outlines’, here, today [].


01: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Jess Ball – Silhouettes & Outlines (Original Mix)
02: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Jess Ball – Silhouettes & Outlines (Extended Mix)