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Having last autumn opened his new album account with the Jaren-sung ‘Animals’, Conjure One (Rhys Fulber) continues to musically meditate on the theme with his next single. This time though it’s with one ‘animal’ in particular, as ‘Wolves At The Door’ delivers another distinctly Fulber-esque exercise in bleak mystique.

Following an M.O. established with Sarah McLachlan during his Delerium days, Rhys has opted to vocal the track with a singer renowned for putting real heart into her art. UK-born/US-based singer Jeza adds a layer upon extra layer of ether to a track that’s already rich with it.

Rhys’s Original version of ‘Wolves’ is anchored in the calmest of musical waters. The sense the track supplies however is always that of the pensive, the brooding and the looming. Syncopated bass pulse is ever-present in its background, while only the most fractional notions of drum are part of its slo-mo sonica.

Beyond its title, ‘Wolves At The Door’s meaning is left for each individual listener to own for themselves. From her first words, Jeza draws you into an immersive lyrical enigma, which bewitches and intrigues in equal measure.

For his remix, Andy Duguid conclusively adds a drum element in, leaving it running at a perfect heartbeat pace. Imbuing it with the feeling of something breathing and animate, it adds a stunning extra dimension to ‘Wolves’.

For those that like their electronic music to play that much smarter, ‘Wolves At The Door’ is a modern day fairy-tale with an unforgettable feel and a killer remix twist. Find it on all good streaming and sales platforms here [] from today.


01: Conjure One + Jeza – ‘Wolves At The Door’ (Original Mix)
02: Conjure One + Jeza – ‘Wolves At The Door’ (Extended Mix)
03: Conjure One + Jeza – ‘Wolves At The Door’ (Andy Duguid Remix)
04: Conjure One + Jeza – ‘Wolves At The Door’ (Andy Duguid Extended Remix)