Los Padres’ Official Remix of R3hab x Sigala x JP Cooper’s “Runaway” brings positive energy and uplifting dance beats with singable and relatable lyrics. This remix is a shift that elevates the track’s mainstream appeal, and already feels like it is set to be a staple in DJ sets on the festival stages across the globe.

“Runaway” tells a bittersweet story about love through lyrics evoking memories of the ups and downs that came with having a childhood friendship that slowly turns into affection.  Neither in this dilemma know what to do about these feelings, especially since they don’t know if they are going to cross paths again. Living in the moment is really all they can do, and making the most of the time they have together.

The story told through these lyrics is intensified with the remixed soundtrack behind it, stirring up not just the song but the feelings it evokes along the way.  With the versatility of sound between R3hab, Sigala, JP Cooper and Los Padres, these creative forces behind the “Runaway” remix are no strangers to the dance music scene, garnering instant credibility for their tracks. This remix creates a unique sound with somewhat Avicii sounding guitar/vocal combinations and David Guetta style synths louder in the chorus, creating a sound that makes “Runaway” a must-add to all your playlists.

About Los Padres

Los Padres consist of two multifaceted producers and DJs — Carlos “Kameo” Perez and Gino “Gnote” Souto. Bringing a combined 15+ years of musical experience spanning from electronic to classical, and many genres in between, Kameo and Gnote work together to deliver polished, high quality bangers. Los Padres have played festivals and opened for Brohug, consistently delivering high energy, crowd-hopping performances.


Los Padres take you back to the old school and good ol’ days as they rebirth an era of electronic dance music that pays homage to those deeply rooted in the duo. With professional experience in a wide spectrum of production, Los Padres break out breakbeats, reggae vibes, and Latin culture and craft them into one solid entity that they claim as their own. Their sound is new for the young and fresh for the throwback.








CYB3RPVNK is the brand new independent label concept from leading Dutch artist R3HAB. Having set precedents across the globe with his own successful catalog of independent releases, the label calls upon a multitude of genres and artists under this new collective, putting creativity and exploration of sound at the forefront of its agenda. With a huge arsenal of new music ready, CYB3RPVNK promises to be an exciting and open-minded new venture from the leading Dutch export and his extensive roster of peers.