Looking for a new track that epitomizes underground Techno culture? Then tune into the latest minimal Techno anthem from subduxtion – ‘Ambience’ as part of the Techno Vol 2 Compilation. Backed by the idea of embracing technology as a tool for the manipulation of perspective, subduxtion has been making a name for himself, armed with a discography of impressive releases topping off his image, with several singles, EP’s and remixes, including releasing with some renowned labels like Milligrid Records (US), Zero Signal Records (JP), High-Pressure Systems (UK) and I&W Music (US). Subduxtion’s latest offering transcends from his rich passion for the intricate art of music production and is definitely not one to miss out on.  

Relatively new to the scene, subduxtion seems keen to flex his love for the industry as he continues to enhance the music he produces with his own modern Techno flare. The execution of his inimitable talent and raw sound has been turning heads in the industry with his most recent hits like ‘Shelter’ and he is striking while the iron is hot with his brand-new release ‘Ambience’ as part of Warehouse Techno Vol 2 Compilation. Featuring a blend of minimalistic excellence which leaves a serious impression on both the soul and dance floor, you can expect to be washed over by fleeting elements of extra-terrestrial dissonance that decorate the outer edges of the production. It keeps a chilled and atmospheric vibe, designed to take your mind and body on a journey with eerie noises that pull your mind in every direction. Whilst the production remains fairly minimal in layers, each is serving a specific purpose meaning there is no filler, everything here is for a reason.  

Subduxtion has kicked off 2021 with inimitable beats and huge aspirations in mind with his latest release. Following a string of impressive releases this year that have topped off his ever-growing discography of hits, ‘Ambience’ is definitely one to add to the list. Keep an eye out for subduxtion this year as he continues to send ripples throughout the scene. 

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