One of Toma Hawk’s newest rising Producers ‘An!ma Raver’ is proving to be a seriously impressive addition to his roster of growing talents, especially with his brand-new release ‘Galaxy’. Hailing as a 26 year-old Producer from Germany, An!ma Raver is putting his knowledge and talent to the test after grasping the theory of music production with 5 years of practice on FL-Studio under his belt. This is the first release from An!ma Raver on the ‘Lakota Music’ imprint and with an accompanying remix from one of the labels biggest talents JonJo Drake – This release leaves no room for disappointment.

From the get-go, you can expect to be treated to that dark and ominous sound as fleeting melodies develop and are quickly engulfed by that undulating kick drum that booms into action to get the ball rolling. An!ma uses a palette of shadowy FX that quickly emerge and wrap around the soundscape as progression starts to make way, demonstrating how he manages to encapsulate the theme of this track really well. The kick drum gives way for a breath of fresh air revealing a progressing urge that rises with tension as a crescendo of FX bubble into a melting point before the release of the powerhouse drop where the kick drum flips back into action, and you are drawn back into a rhythmic state by those four to the floor beats and ephemeral effects that lace the track. You can rely on JonJo’s remix to take a more acidic approach with those iconic 303 flares and prominent kick drums to deliver that frenzying Techno feel we all crave.

Having launched his dance music career recently, An!ma Raver is demonstrating that he is more than equipped to fit the task and with this release, it is clear to see that he is rapidly distinguishing his residing talents for music production. With an overall objective for curating unique and impressive selections of Techno that are primed to ignite dancefloors in any setting, An!ma fits right in with Lakota Music with this release.

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