After 2020’s collaboration ‘Wasted’, we are happy to say that Krysta Youngs and ALWZ SNNY are teaming up again. This time, the latter is remixing Krysta’s track ‘Love Me’. And oh boy does it deliver the goods.

Starting with simple but catchy melodies, the track grows slowly and captures the listener with subtle chord progressions and a brewing sense of anticipation. Building towards the drop, we are expectant – and are met with a lead synth and bassline combination which is simply perfect.
The beautiful vocals of Krysta immediately lift the track and the ethereal effects added by the producer make for some serious atmospheric vibes.

Whether you’re out for a run, partying at home or enjoying some quiet time – this is the perfect soundtrack to your day. Somehow ALWZ SUNNY creates a mix of energy and chill that combines to find the perfect vibe. His tracks always have that special something.


The US based producer ALWZ SNNY continues to impress with his groundbreaking sounds and genre blending style which is grabbing the attention of industry heavyweights around the world. 2021 is going to be the year we look forward to getting back to normal, but also the year that ALWZ SNNY makes his mark on the local, national and global music scene. We can’t wait to hear what he brings next.