Following up his latest release – a flip of the great, RL Grime’s, “I Wanna Know” juuku is back with yet another and this time it’s a flip with fellow up-and-coming artist, bafu. Now, with this being his 20th release of the year, the long-awaited collaboration is the first from the two young producers and we hope this isn’t the last. juuku is a rising star in the future bass field and bafu is even more up-and-coming so it’s cool to see these two come together on such a powerful song.

Juuku has never strayed away from wearing his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to tell his story, no matter how raw and unfiltered it might be. “Endless” represents the endless feeling of going in and out of happiness and anguish while battling depression. Depression is not something to take lightly and juuku has been very open about his ongoing struggle with it. Check out a quote from juuku below on depression and under that watch his extremely well done self-animated visual.

“this song represents the endless feeling of swaying back (and) forth of happiness and anguish when battling depression”

– juuku