The multi-genre chameleon producer Alex Messina is back with a brand-new Progressive tune called ‘Moonlight’. Trippy arpeggios really get the track moving whilst providing an authentic feel of nostalgia as the tune sounds more and more classic with each beat. Melodic synths are introduced to fatten out the sound and create an inspired euphoric vibe.


As ‘Moonlight’ gets deeper into its sound, a melancholic piano melody sits in harmony with the flickering background beat that stays a familiar feature throughout. With its funky lower end of the track driving the production, the cinematic sounds and synths add a new dimension to the music. ‘Moonlight’ has an element of calmness about it that’s soothing and enticing while still keeping those electronic elements pumping through its veins. A perfect chill-out tune.


Alex Messina grew up listening to the sounds of Pink Floyd, Super Tramp, Depeche Mode and Moby, these influences are all found intertwined with each track he releases. Alex prides himself on the fact that he is fluid in the genres he creates and is inspired by, as it gives him the opportunity to experiment with blending genres together and including classical instruments with dance rhythms such as Techno, Bass and Progressive. His discography is an impressive culmination to which ‘Moonlight’ makes a perfect addition.


Alex Messina’s ‘Moonlight’ is out now.


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