Coming off hot from his latest release of “closer” last month, the latest and greatest, juuku, is back yet with another. This time, it’s an original straight from the underground titled, “fall”. juuku has consistently released two songs every month since the beginning of the new year.  What is really impressive about the rising artist is his creative ability to tell his story not only through his music, but also through his visuals as well. Accompanying each song is a unique visual that continues to tell his story, picking up where the last one left off. With each release we learn more and more about juuku. Everything from his fears and aspirations, to overcoming defeat and finding the ability to push on and continue fighting even when life knocks you down. His story continues in the release of “fall”. “Fall” begins with an intro resembling a Gregorian-esque ambiance that leads into a rapid build up and electric drop. The mysterious producer isn’t afraid to test new boundaries and challenge the status quo. And for that reason, many eyes are set on him, eagerly awaiting his next move. Listen below now!