Talented British artist Oceans follows up the momentum of his recent single ‘Cereal’ with the playful accompanying music video. Oceans music has always elicited a lifestyle, storyboard, and at times, tongue-in-cheek feel to its writing. The narrative to the music and the video for ‘Cereal’ fits perfectly with the tale captured in the lyrics of the track. The video shot across beautiful destinations in Copenhagen and the Scottish Highlands, displays a fun nature, combining a laid-back, leisurely vibe with striking visuals. The culmination is an on-camera representation of ‘Cereal’ that excels in hitting the mark through the eyes of Oceans, and the visual was also directed and produced by the artist.

Cereal’ marks the return of Oceans musical journey, following on from 2018’s ‘Sumer Rain’, while previous successes also came in the form of Deep Blue and Cold Ain’t For Me’, with the latter clocking up an impressive 26 million streams on Spotify aloneOceans has crafted a career around a highly polished aesthetic both sonically and visually, and this latest music release ticks every box, as the track and video share in superbly executed production value and highlight Oceans’ extensive creative talents and ability to express his vision across both mediums.