WNDR has teamed up with vocalist Samuel Eli to bring you a crazily cool brand-new single called ‘Hate Me’. Simple chords fill the track before catchy claps set the pace whilst building up the beat to a groove that makes you want to move. Eli’s falsetto vocals will send chills down your spine as his incredible tone matches the vibe of ‘Hate Me’, sitting in perfect harmony with the simpler verses to truly make him a standout feature.


As for the music, WNDR delves deep into the realms of tropical sounds and showcases a collection of catchy melodies and bright, summery chords. ‘Hate Me’ is the ultimate feel-good dance music anthem. Lyrically, they are not just insanely addictive, but they also tell a story about the struggles of a relationship. WNDR’s music is always contemporary and fresh as he brings new influences and styles to his productions every single time.


WNDR began developing his ear for beats and melodies at the age of just 10 years old after taking after his father and learning the art of DJ’ing. You only have to look at WNDR’s discography to see the raw talent the Norwegian DJ and producer has. Tracks such as ‘Medicine’ and ‘Meant To Be’ have generated millions of streams online that have launched WNDR into the international spotlight and he has gone on to release more outstanding hits with industry-leading labels such as Crosswalk Records, Sony and Epic Tones Records.


‘Hate Me’ is out now on MND


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