Ligotti’s Summer Mix Twenty Twenty is the high energy hour with a thank you to the people out there risking their lives.   Although 2020 has been one giant mess that seems to keep getting messier, there are certain truths that have held throughout the hardest of times. Among the good times and the bad, music feeds and fuels the soul, shifts energy from negative to positive and brings people together.  


For the fans of EDM that have an affinity for pop music in adequate doses, this summer playlist will be associated 2020 indefinitely and it is what we need to get away from all the stress right now.  It takes you through the 90s with tracks like “Changes”, and more recent hits like “Lonely Together”, and recent hits like “Titanium”. 

It keeps a dance beat always high energy and remixes the songs that center around the dedication and appreciation of the essential workers.  It’s subtle, but listen to the first minute or so of the mix, Ligotti is describing who he wanted to thank during the current COVID pandemic, and you can hear what it is all about from Ligotti’s perspective.


The mix has over 200 songs in it, many of which were some of the biggest songs of the past 20 years.  Below are the times in the mix where took notes on the songs I got excited to dance.  Check out the link below  and comment on your favorite part of the mix!  



3:30 Can’t remember but must have been good…


11:30 Lonely Together

12:08Keep Bleeding Love

13:30 Be So Close to You Right Now

13:50 Another 90’s classic

19:20 Changes 

46:00 90s classic

49: Heavy bass

TikTok song

50:00 Put Your Back In It

22:00 Dua Lupa – Break My Heart

51:00 Kid Cudi

53:00 Wild One

54 :00 Titanium

56:00 Some song from 2010s


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