There are not many genres of music that are as uplifting and collaborative as we have seen over the past few weeks as EDM has proven to be.  Producers and DJs including Matthew Schultz and Modern Machines are reaching out to their fans on a deeper level with new and unique artist collaborations.  The EDM community has rallied together to give back in the way that brings a sense of normalcy and comfort in the age of COVID-19 with live streams mentally transporting fans out of today’s issues and bringing them together (virtually) for a good time. 

About a year ago, Matthew Schultz gave us a taste of the good life with his track “Go”.  It was versatile in how it wasn’t too strong in any one style.  For this original version of “Go”, the shine and emotional connection to the song came from how the listener interprets the song and where they felt the song fits in their life. Add Modern Machines to the mix and you have an elevated, high energy, well constructed track with classic builds that has the potential to be a pop-crossover powerhouse of the David Guetta calibur. 

Music will always be a foundation of society, even more so for the EDM family of the world.   Positivity, Love, Unity and Respect are emerging in these defining moments in the music industry, and this Modern Machine Remix of Matthew Schultz’s “Go” is an example of how happiness and fun can be had even though we are stuck with or without our favorite people by our side to enjoy these times in person.


Check out the track and about Matthew Schultz and Modern Machines here!