One of the few calmer, cooler moments amongst Robert Nickson’s otherwise floor-forging ‘Tellurian’ album, ‘Feed My Soul’ was something of an oasis.

Notice we said ‘was’ there, as that’s no longer the case!

Studio-side, at the beginning of the year, Robert re-alighted on the track and spotted an untapped seam with which to mine some beast out of this transcendental beauty. Accordingly he’s given the track a new floor-minded treatment which root & branch reconfigures every major aspect, definitively retuning it to clubbier frequencies.

Backed by running bass, kick-drum drive & washing pads and chords, Thea Riley’s song – once impassioned and imploring – assumes on a different feel. Set against Robert exhilarating cascade of synth notes, it becomes more assured, positive, firm-footed and – by virtue – uplifting.

Chilled and affecting or clubbily elevating – the choice is now yours! The Club Mix of ‘Feed My Soul’ is available from today from all good stores and streaming platforms via this link! (


01: Robert Nickson & Thea Riley – Feed My Soul (Club Mix)
02: Robert Nickson & Thea Riley – Feed My Soul (Extended Club Mix)