New Delhi rising star Klipr is back with a brand new 2-track EP that will get your taste buds tingling for some worldly Progressive House tunes. Klipr is known for producing music that leans more towards to the ‘Electro’ side on the House spectrum, however, with the ‘Teched’ EP, Klipr has taken a slightly different route and really gets down deep into the groove. After spending painstaking years becoming a Master of Production, Klipr is truly starting to reap the rewards.


The first track on this EP is called ‘I’m So Good’, the music begins with an atmospheric, chilled out intro with hints of vocals and sound effects flowing in and out of the beat before an enchanting rap-like female vocal draws you in. Klipr then kicks it up a notch with the drop as the gritty bass and catchy melodies really get you lost in the beat making it a perfect hedonistic club hit.


‘Connected’ is the follow up tune to ‘I’m So Good’ and it does not disappoint. Starting with a choppier grove, you can already tell that this is a much darker track with more of a tribal feel that is solidified by the use of calls and chanting As the excitement builds in the music, it ignites an excitement in the listener and a short pause just enhances the euphoria the drop provides. The musicality of ‘Connected’ is deep and driving making it perfect to up the energy in any room.


Having released several standout singles this year including ‘Running Back’, ‘Leave Me’ and ‘Touch The Sky’, the ‘Teched’ EP has truly put the cherry on top of what has proven to be an incredible year for Klipr. There is no doubt that the industry is looking forward to seeing him grow and develop even more as an artist in years to come.


‘Teched’ is out now on Klipr’s own label Streamin’ Music Group.


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