Like That’ is the latest release from Los Angeles based producers LYTR and SEVNTH HEAVN, creating a trance / deep house hit. The hypnotizing beats carry the vocals through the track, with “Why you wanna do me like that?” as the lyrics you will find yourself singing along with the song.  

Both LYTR and SEVNTH HEAVN have a mysterious online presence as there isn’t much to see or learn about them through their socials, but this seems to have no effect on the number of plays they have racked up on SoundCloud. LYTR’s remix ‘Kidswaste – More Colors ft. Chelsea Cutler (LYTR x Mental Space Remix)’ has over 27k plays and exemplifies his talent as a producer. SEVNTH HEAVN has recently dabbled in hip-hop according to his SoundCloud page, with the track ‘Moonman // talikk – Ft. T-Lovve x Pacman’ listened to over 15K times.

LYTR (pronounced “lighter”) has a track list on SoundCloud that features his remixes over the past year or so, banking the tens of thousands of plays. Teaming up with SEVNTH HEAVN for this track ‘Like That’, the pair is a refreshing duo that doesn’t really focus on the hype tracks that build up to the massive drops that tend to bring higher energy to the performance. Instead, the builds are more of a transition from one vibe to the next with fluidity. Each transition has a dissipating effect, creating a cohesive, non-stop low key dance track that keeps the focus on the builds rather than the drops.

What’s great about this track is that it really caters to the side of EDM that is not overpowering and brings me back to the posh lounges and clubs up and down Lincoln Avenue in South Beach where the grown and sexy reside. Less headbanging, more chill with your drink in hand dancing scenarios. For such young producers, LYTR and SEVNTH HEAVN have a style that is more universal to the masses paving the way for other young artists to explore the softer side of EDM.