There is no time for introductions with ‘Diamond’ as the beat takes charge from the moment you press play and leads you into spine-tingling falsetto vocal and lyrics you will be singing for days.


Synthy, almost ‘rewind’ type sounds overlap a bright yet mysterious chord progression whilst a dirty, elongated bassline fills the low end of the production. The slower styling of ‘Diamond’ gets you vibing along in no time as this R&B crossed EDM tune hits in all the right places.


Made up of childhood friends Keshav Bhardwaj, otherwise known as Klipr and Himanshu Chhabra, BlareMob use their different experiences and experimental tendencies to create productions that are grabbing the attention of music lovers everywhere.  After years of working with each other, they have developed a keen creative sense that allows them to merge their individual influences and styles together, resulting in one sound that is unique, exciting, and bold.


Appealing to both electronic and pop music fans the boys have already released tracks that have acquired critical acclaim such as ‘Stabbed’ and ‘Nightlong’. With more releases already on the horizon, keep an eye out for this unstoppable duo in the months to come.


‘Diamond’ out now on Keshav’s very own imprint Streamin’ Music Group.


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