BZARS latest project just dropped on Friday, August 23 on XDM records, and the anticipation for the release started nearly three years ago.  His new track ‘Nevermore’ is a melting pot of genres, sounds, and happy vocals, and stands apart from his other mixtapes that he has released over the years.  BZARS hails from Mexico, and his music is influenced by the sights and sounds of the culture as many of his mixtapes feature Latin artists. ‘Nevermore’ is a unique, jazz infused pop-crossover that he considers one of his best works, from the distillation to the healing sounds to the character of the track.

With residencies at Monterrey’s top nightclubs and collaborations with pop and big artists such as Los Claxons, Boombox Cartel, Mando, Sofia Reyes, BZARS has gained respect and love from his hometown and is sure to provide an experience where the crowd can sing and dance all night long.

Check out the new track ‘Nevermore’ by BZARS here