Roger Shah – Magic Island Vol. 9

Winter is long, spring seems shorter by the year, but what’s important right now is that summer looks pretty much eternal! Yup, we’ve reached the time of year where all eyes hearts, minds (and everything else of importance!) turn to face the sun.

Whether you be beat-seeker, heat-seeker (or both), we’ve something the season simply can do without – a soundtrack! June 21st sees Roger Shah reconvene his wandering band of multitalented Magic Islanders and musical set sail for the sun.

We can all agree there’s something to be said for a bit of dependability in these crazy mixed-up times! Here’s the question though… Is Roger Shah’s ‘Music For Balearic People’ now the most reliable part of any electronic music summer!?? Consider… over the duration its eight volumes have materialised in the same month of each year (sometimes even the same week!). They feature a dedicated cast of music-makers, some of whom have been there from its first word and played a part in every edition. Style-wise it’s kept its musical culture locked; ditto for its ethos of globally connecting people who see life the Balearic way. And it has – every step of the way – been helmed & honed by series standard-bearer, Roger Shah.

As ‘Magic Island’ approaches its landmark tenth outing, Roger’s again marshalled his crew of Balearic People for the 2019 trip. On this expedition you’ll find regular cohorts including (*deep breath*) Rene Ablaze, Pierre Pienaar, Brian Laruso, Raul Pablo Sanchez, Bob Memphis, Clarks, David Broaders, Sergey Shabanov, Aaron Sim and others. Naturally, outside of Magic Island season, Roger’s expended his energies working on new summer-saluting material. You’ll find new pairings (many of the them for the first time) with Stoneface & Terminal, Kristina Sky, Pierre Pienaar and others besides. As you’ve every right to expect, there’s also a renewed wealth from Roger’s best-known aliases – Sunlounger, High Noon At Salinas and Global Experience among them.

As ever, each of ‘Magic Island’s mixes echoes the respective vibes on two very distinct times of the day. With mix 1 Roger musically backdrops sun & sea, beach, lounge & bar. Hitting the recline button, the mix cruises out with the temperate latest from Clarks, Ihab Sameh and Marycee & Balearic Session. Around the midpoint High Noon At Salinas pop an umbrella in your drink, adding the intoxicating notes of ‘Siente El Sol’ and the Terrace Mix of ‘Espalmador’ for good measure. Series regulars Raul Pablo Sanchez & Brian Laruso bring cooler-yet essence with Schattenspiel’ & ‘Anything’, before Global Experience deliver the housier perspectives of ‘Sa Trinxa’. Roger’s own creations maintain the mix’s glide path as ‘The Sun Will Rise Again’ from Sunlounger & Susie Ledge preludes the welcome return of San Antonio Harbour with ‘Neon Colors’.

On the composition of his ninth compilation, Roger says: “In all the time I’ve been doing them, I’ve never spent as much time putting together a ‘Magic Island’ compilation as with this one. Besides the usual interaction with all the producers (one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling parts of the process), I also got re-inspired to use a lot of my aliases. This meant I ended up contributing even more of my own work. I hope everyone gets something like as much pleasure from listening to this album as I did whilst making it!

Frontend of Mix 2 and Roger ushers some new Magic Island blood into the spotlight with Zoxy, Terry Gaters and Fredd Moz and Ingsha all making their series debuts. With the drums up, bass braced and synths rigged, Roger hits a collaboratory tract, dropping new clubbier in-studio teamings with Kristina Sky, Stoneface & Terminal, Rene Ablaze and others. Series vet David Broaders is hot on their heels with the floor-waxing ‘Heliosphere’, whilst with ‘Castaway’ and ‘Azimuth’, Sergey Shabanov likewise pitches in with a pair of hand-raisers. Roger works in some similarly styled magic with the Aneym-sung ‘Whisper To Me’ from Andy Elliass, along with the Polish producer’s Rolfiek collab ‘On The Way To Wonderland’. Rounding off 2019’s Magic Island excursion, you’ll find Eric Senn’s ‘Chase Your Dreams’ and ‘Fantasy Land’ from Yodis, while Corrie Theron sends Disc 2 on its way with ‘Smile’.

Magic Island Vol. 9 – Music For Balearic People Mixed By Roger Shah is out June 21st and available to pre-order from today (
Into the blue…??? Well after you!

Roger Shah – Magic Island Vol. 9 Tracklist

Mix 1.

  1. Clarks – Cayo Largo
    02. Eddie Murray featuring Veronica Moran – Inception
    03. Ihab Sameh – Silent Waves
    04. Jukebox 80s – Ripped Knees
    05. Marycee & Balearic Session – Ubud
    06. Brian Laruso & Jamie Chambers – Tale Of The Lost Children
    07. Adam Stark – Versa (Magic Island Deep Mix)
    08. Sinan – Moments
    09. High Noon At Salinas & Noah Shah – Siente El Sol
    10. High Noon At Salinas – Espalmador (Extended Terrace Mix)
    11. Raul Pablo Sanchez – Schattenspiel
    12. Guided Gratitude – Waking Up
    13. Brian Laruso – Anything
    14. Global Experience – Sa Trinxa (5am Mix)
    15. High Noon At Salinas – Muchacha (Tribal Mix)
    16. Sinan – Birds Of Paradise
    17. Bob Memphis – Don’t Fade Away
    18. Sunlounger & Susie Ledge – The Sun Will Rise Again
    19. San Antonio Harbour – Neon Colors
    20. Noah Shah – Huh
    21. Roger Shah presents Symphony In Deep Minor – Snowflakes On A New Year’s Day
    22. Clarks – Tikehau

Mix 2.

  1. Zoxy – Deep Inside
    02. Terry Gaters – Escape
    03. Fredd Moz featuring Marcie – Love Is Here
    04. Roger Shah & Yoav – Beautiful Lie
    05. Ingsha – Apaya
    06. Roger Shah & Kristina Sky – Ocean Flame (Uplifting Mix)
    07. Roger Shah & Genie O’Malley – Touch The Feelz
    08. Roger Shah & George Jema – Patong Beach
    09. Aaron Sim – Letting Go
    10. David Broaders – Heliosphere
    11. Andy Elliass & Aneym – Whisper To Me
    12. Roger Shah with Stoneface & Terminal – Triumvirate
    13. Roger Shah & Majo Montemayor – Estado De Sueno
    14. Roger Shah & Rene Ablaze – Natural Order
    15. Roger Shah, Pierre Pienaar & Dirkie Coetzee – Epoch
    16. Sergey Shabanov – Castaway
    17. Sunlounger featuring Zara – Lost (Roger Shah 2018 Update)
    18. DJ Galaxie – Here I Am
    19. Sergey Shabanov – Azimuth
    20. Andy Elliass & Rolfiek – On The Way To Wonderland
    21. Thorsten F. & Nicki – Research
    22. Aldo Henrycho & Sothzanne String – Forever You
    23. SILVELA – Offing (Uplifting Mix)
    24. Eric Senn – Chase Your Dreams
    25. Yodis – Fantasy Land
    26. Corrie Theron –