We know that you have been in the electronic music scene for 20 years, how do you think it has changed? 
I’ve had the opportunity of seeing how the music and the entertainment industry have changed drastically over the last years. I started out in a time when your goal was to sign your music to well established labels, and now you can have much success being and independent artist with good marketing strategies. My strength is that I can adapt to changes. I have experienced how we have gone from playing in small abandoned warehouses with low budget sound systems to playing on big stages that cost a fortune with huge LED screens and even fireworks that allow people to have a different experience much more people are interested in attending shows now.  I never imagined I would play for a crowd of 15,000 people.

So talking about festivals, What do you have in store in terms of shows this year? Anywhere you are most looking forward to performing?

I had a great experience performing at EMF for the second year in a row, also an onor to perform with artists like DIPLO, JBALVIN, SEAN PAUL, TIMMY TRUMPET, BORGORE, SIGALA to name a few, and as you know this is the most important music festival in the region. I´ll be playing in some clubs in Mexico and Perú, and a big festival in Colombia. I’m also looking into taking some offers in the US as well as Europe.

FRANCIS DAVILA Is there a festival you havent played yet, that you really would like to play? And if so which one and where?

All my life I have loved music. I remember going to Coachella 7 years in a row to enjoy all the different performances and dreaming about what it would be like to be on that electronic music stage, so Coachella would be one of the festivals I would love to play at, also other festivals as EDCLV, Tomorrowland or ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL

So let’s talk about your last releases and the new music you’ve been working on. How has that been going and what do you think about your latest release ‘Good times’?

Last year was great, I released some tracks in SONY MUSIC and UNIVERSAL, which was great cause a lot of my music was streamed in more than 64 countries  and some of those releases made it to really important charts in Europe as the Wold Dance Music chart but you know to my surprise my biggest streaming numbers are from the US.

Good Times is a great track that I produced in collaboration with a great producer named FIVSTA. It was released on EMPO which a huge label in Mexico, with worldwide distribution and it is being played in many radios around the world.

FRANCIS DAVILA Do you have any plans for more original material this year? Anything you can tell us about at the moment?

I’ve been working a lot in the studio on different projects, focusing my sound to clubs and festival music and also other tracks oriented to radio. I’m working on a track with Nathalie Paris in collaboration with SGTW… wait for it cause it’s going to be great.

As we know you been on the Dj Mag top 100 dj list twice 2011 – 2012   FRANCIS is it one of your goals to be on that list in 2019?

Being on that list has been a great honor and it really pushed my career cause I’m one of the few Latin American artists who has had that world wide recognition. I don’t know if one of my goals is to be on this list since it has changed dramatically over the last Years. My main goal this year is to make great music, no pressure, no expectations just enjoying music for what it means to me. It’s not always about fame and fortune, music is just part of who I am.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music that you enjoy?

I am an art junkie, in every single country I visit I go to their museums and art galleries. I’m also interested in gastronomy so I enjoy to visit a lot of restaurants.

Who would be a dream collab you havent done yet?

I would go Old School and work with Chrystal Waters who is an icon.  I’ve always admired her talent and I’m in love with here voice, so if you ever read this, let’s make it happen.