After releasing on labels such as Solid Grooves, 99 Waves and Suma, Adam Holiday is back with a stomper of an EP consisting of 2 tracks, the title track ‘Recipe For Jam’ and the follow up called ‘Head Bop’.


‘Recipe For Jam’ has an insatiably funky groove and a bass line that grips your entire body; catchy vocal samples build the track up before unleashing the drop that is guaranteed to send crowds wild. Adam then uses a simple yet effective breakdown with kicks, percussive elements and subtle hints of vocals getting you ready for the second drop. ‘Recipe For Jam’ is a serious party tune.


‘Head Bop’ is more on the techy side and offers a much darker feel to it by the use of prolonged atmospheric synths that dance in the background whilst deep, dark and catchy vocal samples pull you in. Adam has once again included a major drop that will seriously light up a club including heavy bass sections, arpeggios and melodic riffs flowing in and out of the beat.


Influenced by some of the industry’s greats such as Todd Terry and Paul Van Dyk, his sound is wholly unique and promises to keep being innovative and evolve in the coming years. The amount of high-quality releases under Adam Holiday’s belt shows his ability to produce club-busting tracks that routinely tear apart audiences at his shows.


‘Recipe For Jam’ is out now on Shake Recordings.


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