Fresh from inking a deal with Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music, Australian-born artist Bella Hunter is on the cusp of something truly special. Looking to revolutionize the house music realm with her own trademark style and sound, she began her new, exciting journey today with the release of her debut solo single: ‘Deja Vu’.

Listen to Bella Hunter – Deja Vu

Hunter is a songstress and style icon defined by her gypsy spirit and understanding of interconnectivity through creation. ‘Deja Vu’ is her statement piece – a song that highlights her ability to create without boundaries. Her acute sense of rhythm and sonic artistry is on full display throughout her new singles as she weaves her own rich vocals into a plush bed of instrumentals and irresistible house vibes, setting the stage for her to establish herself as one of the go-to artists within the house music sphere.

Bella HUNTER: “’Deja Vu’ was created in a dreamlike state while thinking about an insane summer, and being in love with someone who always leaves you longing and waiting for more. The whole song is like smudging the lines between memories and reality, because obviously your imagination runs totally wild when you’re daydreaming about someone and getting repeatedly rejected when they’re busy. But there is also a resoluteness in the track, about holding firm to what your heart tells you. It’s deliberately playful, happy, bursting with light, full of fierce love and highly flirtatious, and kind of impatient and super real. I’m honestly so proud of this track.”

A classically trained artist, Bella discovered her love for songwriting and electronic music very early. Her last single ‘Waves’, co-written with Erick Morillo, was a globally celebrated house anthem heavily rotated on Sirius XM BPM, and the duo is currently pinned to release another galvanizing track to initiate summertime. Blossoming at the intersection of underground dance music and commercial hits, and soon to set the electronic music industry on fire.