Originally from Essen, the heart of Germany’s Ruhr region, German Techno star Jens Mueller is back with his latest 2-track EP titled ‘19AX01’. The first production on this EP called ‘18XL03’, is an after-dark track that delicately balances on the borderline of Tech-House and Techno and features subtle hints of synths over a hypnotic rhythm that will set dance floors ablaze. Fantastically produced, Jens shows off his talents as he ever so slightly and skilfully adapts the beat patterns to progress the piece further.


The second track on this EP, 19AX01, has a stomping bass line and moody synths that create a sublime groove that makes it impossible not to move to. Jens usage of melodies is simple yet effective as its repetitiveness draws you into the layers of complexity in this production before gradually stripping the track down to almost nothing with an unexpected vocal kicks the beat back in.


Jens Mueller is the owner and founder of Sound Kleckse Records and Techno Pressure Records; he has a wealth of experience under his belt and has been performing in clubs and festivals around the world since 1994. Jens has played beside some of the biggest names in Techno at events such as Love Parade, Ruhr in Love and USB Festival.


‘19AX01’ is out now on Ukrainian Techno label Intact Dark Balance.


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