After the success of Jake Cusack last release ‘EP 13’, he is back with another tasty Tech House tune titled ‘Don’t Leave Me’.

‘Don’t Leave Me’ is considerably darker than some of Jake Cusack previous tunes but just as good! The track features a bass-fuelled groove and complex, driving drum patterns throughout with repetitive vocal samples presenting themselves mid-track to beautifully contribute in building the tracks peaks and troughs.


Known for his signature style of Deep, Tech House, Jake is already receiving praise from DJs across the globe for ‘Don’t Leave Me’ as it makes its way around the club circuit and climbs its way up the Beatport Hype chart.

Jake endures impressively; his developing sounds are certainly set to continue for the foreseeable future.


With over 20 years of experience in the dance music industry, Jake lives and breathes music as he mixes and produces his ever-growing weekly radio show, the ‘Session’ series, heads up his own label Funkdog Records and releases consistently superb productions. He has inimitable experience and know-how that young producers would envy.


‘Don’t Leave Me’ is out now on Jake’s own label Funkdog Records with a follow-up track titled ‘There Is One For Me’ next week.


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