Sikdope curates an Exclusive Spotify playlist in honor of this year’s Phoenix Lights

Spotify playlist


Festival season is upon us, and the lineups are overflowing with mind blowing artists from all over the world. Phoenix Lights is less than a month away, bringing producers off their own tours to reunite with their peers and play to the masses. This year, Sikdope is one of the ridiculously talented producers bringing the bass to Phoenix for the festival’s fifth anniversary. If his latest release “Rave” wasn’t enough, he also curated a Spotify playlist of fifteen bangers that will make you wish you knew how to shuffle. If this is any indication of what is going to be at Phoenix Lights, then I congratulate you on getting one of the hottest festival tickets of the year.

The high energy that Sikdope creates with his music had an influence on his selections for the rest of the playlist. This collection has a handful of his own tracks (“Rave”, “Snakes” and “Bubblegum” to name a few) mixed with tracks from Jauz, RL Grime and Zeds Dead, then an energy shift to slower, heavier songs from Rezz and Ookay. Sikdope’s “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” does not make it to this playlist, but with 27 million plays on Spotify, chances are you already heard it.

The first song on the playlist is Sikdope’s newest release “Rave”. This track really is an homage to the late 90’s rave scene. O.G. ravers will appreciate this nostalgic throwback, as it will stir up memories from “back in the day”. This soon-to-be festival anthem will be the song to play as loud as you can to fuel the excitement for festival season. Earlier today, Sikdope released the official music video for “Rave”, using warehouses and cassette players to emphasize the era of EDM that this song is made of.

Sikdope is performing at Phoenix Lights this year, sharing the stage with Excision, Whipped Cream, Party Favor, Subtronics and other big names over the April 5th – 6th weekend so be sure to check out the playlist he put together exclusively for Phoenix Lights on Spotify. 2019 is going to be a huge year for Phoenix Lights, and another epic year of new music, new artists and new friends made on the festival grounds.