Cesar Mannix – OVER ME

When Cesar Mannix’s new track “Over Me” starts playing, you know almost immediately that this song will make you dance. The song has a nightclub vibe, but also could fit right on a dinner party host’s Spotify playlist with its casual and fun sounds. But because of the lyrics that are about breaking up and realizing that you wasted your time, but you may find yourself putting this song on that playlist you put on when you want to get your girls together to celebrate the aforementioned break up. With vocals that have been altered to have a lower pitch, some of the singing does have a hint of Cher. Piano and vocals open the song (and a little bass) with a build that is gradual but noticeable. A few seconds before the first drop, a few bars of drum and bass hits for just long enough to hear it before it fades and the build finishes. This song sounds familiar like I’ve heard it before, but it doesn’t come across as generic. It has just the right amount of pieces of EDM staples: big builds with a strong drop, deeper and lower sounds after the drop to encourage even more dancing, and an intro that lets you know that this track is for having fun and living your best life.