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Classic Love is the newest track from Alex Vela, and is a departure from the structure of his other recently released songs “Say It” and “Lie Machine”.  The song in its entirety is a house music throwback, uptempo and reminiscent of when SNAP!’s song “Rhythm is a Dancer” took over radio everywhere. The track does not rely on lyrics to tell the story, which can sometimes be misconstrued as one that took less effort or was easier to produce.  Instead, the song is telling the story of love through instruments and transitions, taking advantage of using the foundation of what makes a song sound happy or sad: the major and minor keys.

Classic Love  starts off with a beautiful piano melody as the dominating sound to set the stage for  a song about the pain that love causes. With the lyrics “deep in your love” and “deep in your soul” sung over the piano, it almost feels like that one breakup that kept you up at night because you don’t know how to move on without their love that has become part of your soul.

Then, the build comes, and it progresses into a drop that shifts the song to a different mood, supported by a change from a minor to major key and a replacement of the piano with a strategically placed wood block sound.  The same lyrics are sung, but because major notes generally make a song sounds happier the track now emulates the feeling of that good love, where “deep in your love” and “deep in your soul” are just as relevant.

Alex Vela has more tracks on the way, with the release dates TBD.

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