Coco Star’s 1996 House classic ‘Miracle’ is a legendary track that has been remixed time and time again but Davi Hemann’s remix takes the tune to a whole new level after his version was based on JØRD and Vic Brow’s bassier, synthier interpretation.


In Davi’s production, the iconic lyrics re-recorded by Vic Brow starts off the tune matched with dramatic cinematic chords. Once the beat kicks in a multitude of arpeggios and swelling synths fill the track all before leading up to a huge EDM/Big Room drop. There are many peaks and troughs in Davi’s ‘Miracle’ that is sure to keep you listening and wanting to replay this track over and over again just to listen to the complex layers of musicality. ‘Miracle’s’ high energy guarantees its place as a club hit already.


At just 18, Davi Hemann has had a multitude of hits including ‘Spaces’ on ShiftAxis and ‘Blackjack’ on Spinnup. Not only does Davi produce quality originals but he also has the ability to remix music with innovative and creative ideas, turning them into his own signature sound and encapsulating his audiences across the globe. With 10 years of musical experience already under his belt, this Brazilian wonder kid is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


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