Mateo Paz is back with his weekly show ‘Gain’ that is absolutely bursting at the seams with the best music around! This week’s hour-long mix contains music from such as MockBeat and Alexander Pride’s collaboration ‘Frozen Towers’, Kike Henriquez’s huge hit ‘Make My Body’ before closing the show with Martin Waslewski’s remix of Fat Sushi’s track ‘Serenity’.

Mateo Paz is now on his 141st broadcast of Gain, which is a huge achievement and has picked up some loyal fans along the way. His knowledge of amazing music is enough to be envied, not to mention his talent for producing top-notch tracks! ‘Gain’ is available every Sunday on Mixcloud and YouTube.

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Mateo Paz Online:


1. MockBeat & Alexandra Pride – Frozen Towers [Submarine Vibes] (00:00-06:26)

2. Sam Hopgood – Setunga (Joe Miller Remix) [Brain Food Records] (06:26-11:20)

3. Marvin Zeyss – Even More2 (Original Mix) [Beatwax Records] (11:20-15:49)

4. Kike Henriquez – Make My Body (Original Mix) [Household Digital] (15:49-21:02)

5. Gaston Ponte – Last Trip (Original Mix) (21:02-28:16)

6. Sergio Pardo, GRAY – New Life (Original Mix) [Jango Music] (28:16-32:39)

7. Imanol Molina, Jesus Nava – Desirees (Original Mix) [Stryke] (32:39-38:20)

8. Castel – The Past And The Future (Fabio Salerni Remix) [KOMP Records] (38:20-43:14)

9. Gutenn – Leap of Faith (Suspensus Remix) [Polyptych] (43:14-49:26)

10. Time – Keys Of Gods (Original Mix) [Family Piknik Music] (49:26-54:51)

11. Fat Sushi – Serenity (Martin Waslewski Remix) [Fat Wax Recordings] (54:51-60:09)