30 years since The Second Summer of Love…

…how smiley is the ‘Smiley Face’ of Acid House Culture?

*** The Club Culture Panel returns for its sixth year! ***


‘Where Glastonbury meets the Hay Literature Festival’Silent Radio


Where: The Principal Hotel, Oxford Road, Manchester, M60 7HA

When: Saturday November 10 2018, 8pm-9.30pm 

What: www.louderthanwordsfest.com

1988’s ‘Second Summer of Love’ formed the perfect storm of cultural, political and pharmaceutical effects. Imported ‘house’ music fused with a new dance drug – ecstasy – to create a ‘Chemical Generation’ of young people disenfranchised by the hard-edged politics of Thatcherism. Margaret Thatcher infamously claimed that there was ‘no such thing as society’. On fields and in warehouses across the UK, young adults found their society… and they found it on the dancefloor.

30 years since that infamous summer this panel of writers, DJs, academics and radio personalities come together to revisit the dancefloor and review and assess where we are now at with Electronic Dance Music Culture. Does the impact of the EDM scene (particularly in the USA) and the huge fees earned by DJs such as David Guetta and Hardwell mean all is well with this scene?  Or has the upmarket turn in, for instance, Ibiza open up fresh possibilities and potential for new, underground promoters and producers?  

To decode the disco, joining the 2018 club culture panel is David Dunne, for many years a clubscene radio presenter and DJ. Representing the writing side is David Stubbs, music journalist and author of the acclaimed 2018 title Mars By 1980, while a more contemporary perspective is offered by Vass, MD of the EDMC PR agency Urban Rebel and the person entrusted with building the profile of many modern DJs. To offer a more academic route into decoding these questions, Dr Beate Peter from Manchester Metropolitan University will discuss her own attempt to digitally record and archive the memories of the participants in this scene. As ever, the panel is convened and chaired by Dr Disco – Louder’s (non DJ) – Dr Simon A. Morrison, who recorded his own stories for DJmag in the collection Discombobulated.

So… how smiley is the famous Smiley Face of acid house culture in 2018? Join us at this year’s club culture panel and we will find out. And then proceed directly to the bar …