After working in publishing for many years and now running his own label, Znas has a world of music industry experience under his belt and is now producing his own tracks and perfecting a multitude of genres such as Trance, Electronica and more recently Deep House. Znas has been producing some excellent tracks recently such as ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You’ and ‘F!RE’, find out some behind the scenes info about how F!RE was made from one of Spain’s favourite producers.


  1. Can you talk us through your creative process?

It’s complex and not always the same. First I look for a synthesizer and bass sound that I like, and I start to create. There are times when I come to a dead end and I no longer continue. I have projects that have been left unfinished and I will probably never finish them, and others that are finished but I will never publish them. I am my biggest critic.


  1. What was the main idea behind ‘F!re’


When I released my previous EP ‘Where You Go’ it reached #6 in the North American Music Worx charts so my main goal was to top that and I decided to produce a Deep House track with a greater vocal presence. It was a big step for me as only the top dance music is featured in this chart so everything was against me for this release.

However, I love a challenge and went for it anyway, unfortunately, it didn’t hit number 1 but it did get to number 3 so I’m very proud of that. I was totally sure it would top the charts but this has helped me to realize that success is sometimes not fair.


  1. If you could describe ‘F!re’ in 3 words what would they be?

Vocal Deep House. Hahaha! I’m joking, I would describe “F!RE” as a hot track, very catchy and also falling in love.


  1. What’s your dream studio set up?

I would like to have a modern, futuristic and avant-garde design studio with all the essentials. Very wide, all white, because that way you can’t see the dust, hahaha! I’d love lots of coloured LEDs. I think my dream studio would look something similar to the interior of a spaceship but obviously with all the necessary equipment to create music.


  1. Is there a place that you go or thing that you do to find inspiration?

Yes, it may seem silly, but when I’m walking the dog is when inspiration comes to me. In music and in all creative professions you have to take your time. There are days of blockage and others of great inspiration. If I need inspiration I look for long walks, or in the gym practising CrossFit and, of course, always listening to the music you like and the style of music you produce. Listening to music from other artists is what inspires me the most It gives you new ideas about what you hear, urges you to make your own versions.


  1. Is there anyone who you would love to collaborate with?

Without a doubt with Lane 8, Jan Blomqvist, Cubicolor and Rüfüs du Sol. Right now they are my musical references. I’d also love to collaborate with Solomon Gray and Hannah Reid from London Grammar, I love their voices and the way they sing, they’re great. I like to look for new opportunities and also offer them so I’m open to working with all sorts of artists.


  1. What software did you use to make this track?

Cubase Pro. I have always worked with Steinberg’s Cubase. It’s not the most used DAW by producers but in my opinion it’s the one that gives better sound quality.


  1. How long do you normally spend making each production?

Well, the last few months I’ve been working very hard. I’ve started publishing with my label Znas Music and I try to release an EP per month with two versions in each one (Radio Edit and Club Mix version), with the exception of the EP “Where You Go” which also included an instrumental.


  1. How do you know a track is ready for release? Is it a feeling?

More than a feeling, it’s like a sixth sense. It tells me what I have to change, what I have to improve and ultimately guides me. When the track is finished, I listen to it from one day to the next to continue polishing any small details, until you don’t hear anything else that needs modifying. That’s when it’s finished and ready for release. In this process I always look for the track to transmit feelings, make you vibrate, this is something very important to me that must be fulfilled so that I consider it ready for release.


  1. Can you let us into a secret about your next release ideas?

It’s so secret that even I do not know! I’m joking, it’s very soon, on November 30th I have a new EP coming out called “Just A Fool“. It’s a vocal Deep House track that incorporates Melodic Techno sounds. It is an EP that’s been made to complement the two previous EPs: “F!RE!” And “I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You”, they’re my Vocal Deep House trilogy. I also have something in store for February 2019 so keep an eye out for that too.

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