Polish sensation Mateo Paz has released the next instalment of his radio show ‘Gain’. The show is broadcasted nationally each week on Radio Kielce Poland and uploaded regularly on Mixcloud to keep his international fans occupied too. Including tracks from Mike Jaguar, George Acosta and EDX, this particular broadcast reached number 11 on the Electronic Dance Music chart.


Following a string of successful original productions and remixes, Mateo Paz released a single with Grammy-nominated Eddie Amador and Kwanza Jones in 2017– reaching the Top 20 on the Billboard Chart. With a keenness for artistic progression, Mateo strives to be the best at both DJ’ing and producing. He is an energetic and passionate artist who is entirely dedicated to the music as shown through his work on ‘Gain’.


‘Gain #129’ is available to listen to now on Mixcloud. Tune in every Sunday to hear more from Mateo Paz.



Listen Online:
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/mateopaz/mateo-paz-gain-vol129



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