Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still evoke those sun-soaked, sultry vibes well into the fall. If you’re looking for a track to embody your warm-weather romance, look no further than Mystic Natives and Justus Tams‘s new track “Oh Love,” a funky and sensuous ride with organic instrumentals and future bass effects. Mystic Natives delivers his signature experimental style of fusing contrasting genres – this time indie, a little RnB, and chill electronic – into modern masterpieces, while Tams‘s soulful voice brings the emotive lyrics to life. “Oh Love” is out now via (insert label etc here), so stream it by the pool or while enjoying the sunset to keep those summer vibes alive.

Victor Duque, better known as “Mystic Natives,” has built his musical reputation on not fitting into a box. The Mexican electronic producer draws inspiration from a range of artists and styles, which have all formed the foundation for his experimental, modern sound. Tracks like “Save Me” with Yvette Adams possess the smoothness of Michael Jackson with the bass of Skrillex, while his most recent “Oh Love” is a conflation of sounds. In today’s culture of genreless artists, Mystic Natives both fits right in and stands out as a maestro of the melting pot; he has already been supported by the likes of DeorroWill SparksDirty Audio and more. Justus Tams brings velvety vocal pairings to Duque‘s experimental productions, carefully crafted over the course of 12 years as a musician and singer. Tams both sings and composes music, which he credits for carrying him through the trials and tribulations of life. Thus far, Tams has collaborated with Atman and Look Above Earth, and is in the process of writing and recording his debut EP. The future is looking downright bright for these two emerging artists, so keep an eye out for new music from them very soon!

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