Nej!las should already be on your radar now. If not, then we are here to tell you about the Canadian producer who has taken the Techno scene by storm, and helped rejuvenate the genre alongside some other great new artists. We wanted to pick the brain of the young producer, so we devised some seriously big questions about music. Make sure to check out her work after reading the interview, if you haven’t already!

DJing or producing?

Producing! Being able to create a finished product from literally what was once a blank screen is an amazing experience and feeling. Plus, someone has got to make the music DJs play 😉

Analogue or digital?

Analogue – It is such a raw and real sound. No two analogue sounds are alike. It’s also a “heavier” sound which I think goes well with techno. So many digital platforms exist out there whose only goal is to mimic analogue – but nothing can quite get it right.

Single or album?

I love a good concept album – it allows you to get inside the producer’s head; a common concept/theme just makes each song resonate more.

Live recording or midi arrangement?

Midi arrangement just because it is so much more fun to manipulate and create fun arpeggios. You can take a midi arrangement and spend hours manipulating just the notes into completely different songs.

Collaborations or solo work?

I love both. Especially when each individual’s solo work (their “sound”) can be heard in a collaboration they do. I love producers working together – it challenges one to get outside their own sound comfort zone and try something new, so collaboration if I had to choose.

Guitar or piano?

Piano. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach have each contributed so much to music. Plus, it’s an instrument that exceeds genres and will never go out of style. Even 2018 rap incorporates piano!

Finally – new nej!las or old nej!las?

New nej!las. I’m so excited for everyone to hear my new sound. means exactly that – the new nej!las is something completely different and original. Whose ready for the new wave of Techno?

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