Fresh off the back of the success of the original, which to date has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify, Xenia Ghali wastes no time in drafting in another new Sirup Music signing, Playinfields, to breathe new life into recent single ‘Stick Around’ and extend the reach into new realms with a fresh cut primed for the summer. Following on from his debut release ‘You and Me’ which dropped on Sirup in May, Playinfields is swift in his return to the label with an upbeat anthem, ensuring the track will ‘Stick Around’ for a while yet.

The remix makes sure the most memorable elements are left intact, namely the unmistakable vocal, which is pitched to fit the different avenue the remix explores, as Playinfields provides a future bass flip full of summery vibes that is set to permeate the airwaves across a wide spectrum, from festival fields to radio airwaves. The Italian born, US based producer displays his extensive musical knowledge, having previously studied piano from an early age and been exposed to productions from a large array of influences including jazz, with a tropical synth wave that dips with every beat and provides a lead that is undeniably groovy in its rhythm, while reverb laden vocals sit back and wash over the beat.

Just as you thought the original couldn’t appeal to any more dance music fans than it already does, Playinfields adds another string to the bow of the release, opening it up to a wider audience and ensuring the track continues to build on the original’s momentum. Grab your copy when it is released 16th July via EDX’s Sirup Music.