With a tongue in cheek name aimed at the growing Pop music artists who try their hand at Electronic sounds, there is nothing jokey about Doc Trashz’ ‘Flop Star’. The three track EP is a perfect example of how this Italian producer and DJ continues to impress with his versatile and evolving sounds. Producing for a long time and constantly improving, this release is available on his own imprint Trashz Recordz, and it hits hard.

Starting with ‘Lifeline’, an addictive vocal line captures the listener and drags them in to the impulsive and encapsulating sound scape created by the producer. Techno vibes fuse perfectly with Deep House and more, with plenty of percussion and bass flying around. ‘Soul’ takes the EP to a more soulful and funky tip, with more infectious synth lines and crisp beats which will fit right in at any club it is dropped. Closing with ‘Feel It’, the Pop elements in this tune are immediately noticeable. Fresh bass lines and synths, combined with more stereotypical piano lines are an amazing combination. Something entirely new comes out of Doc Trashz productions, with his constant genre blending making this EP a must listen.

With more music to come in the coming months, make sure you support the artist on their social platforms below and show some love to him. Big sounds and original ideas, Doc Trashz is here to stay.

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