nej!las has made huge movements since the start of the year. Championing the new Techno wave, she has impressed fans and peers all over the world and is taking continuous steps to cement her place in the new scene of young artists ready to take over. Her release of ‘Event Horizon’ received great press coverage, and was followed up by her remix of ATTLAS’s ‘Kayla’, to equally positive reception.

Her love of DJing and MIDI arrangement is also what makes her an overall musical machine. Recently recording a mix for Something Global, she packed in some exclusive tracks of her own, Techno gems and her classic tracks that she has released this year. A perfect mix of new, old and downright innovative, her sound is inimitable and is closely being followed by industry heavyweights all over. This mix is another example of her unique take on a revitalized genre on the rise again. Find the tracklist below, and enjoy the delights of the Canadian starlet nej!las.

1. Id – nej!las
2. Multicellular – Enrico Sangiuliano
3. No World Order – Boxia
4. Conjure Floyd – Maceo Plex
5. Take it Back – Layton Giordani
6. Id – nej!las
7. Sanctuary – Monstergetdown & Rhett
8. Kayla (nej!las remix) – ATTLAS
9. Around Midnight – Gallya
10. Nostalgia Drive – No Mana
11. The Rhythm – Sander van Doorn
12. Fenix (Amelie Lens Remix) – Regal
13. Fenix – Regal
14. The Dansant – ANNA
15. Glasswerk – Wehbba
16. Analog – i_o
17. Let Go (nej!las Remix) – Deadmau5

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