Mexico and London based duo US return, with their new single ‘Tainted’. Following on from this year’s ‘Turn It Up’ and chart successes ‘Blinded By Love’ and ‘Evolution’, the pair has shown once again why they are one of the artists to watch in the summer season we are all looking forward to.

Their unique sound has found them a great and growing fan base over the last year or so, being tapped as serious players in the growing industry of EDM and forward thinking bass music. Working with the vocalist Franki Barker who adds her own flavour to the track, the combination of influences and sounds creates a wonderfully new mixture that will be adored by many.

Reggaeton inspired percussion and gorgeous piano kick off the track, with the vocals from US and Franki Barker combining on top of the instrumental to complete a rich, diverse soundscape. The sound these guys push is evident in this track, big and evocative synths taking the lead, with beautifully composed melodies also at the forefront. Taking a tired genre and breathing new life in to it is what these guys do best.

‘Tainted’ is a wicked example of how emotion is vital in EDM and how different and interesting production styles can create something that sounds wholly new and exciting. Available now, go and support the artists by grabbing a copy of the single!

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