EJ is the exclusive and mysterious resident DJ for the global entertainment brand and race championship, Formula E, as well as one of the freshest talents on Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge’s record label Garuda.

Touring the world, performing at some of the most exciting venues and parties on the planet, EJ plays hi-octane sets at Ibiza clubs, worldwide festivals including ULTRA, and during each race to trackside fans, as well as a TV audience of 200 million. The last few years have turned out to be one hell of a ride for this multi-talented DJ / producer. Ahead of his debut release ‘Slipstream’ on the renowned label Garuda, we catch up with EJ to discuss this new release and his involvement in the rising motorsport Formula E!:

You’re gearing up for your latest release ‘Slipstream’ via Garuda! How did you come in contact with the legendary Trance imprint?

The conversation has been going on for a long time actually.  I wanted to work with a label who’s music I love and I could develop as an artist with.  Initial conversations with Garuda started and they really loved what I was doing musically and with Formula E, the electric street racing championship I perform at.  The guys at Garuda have been super supportive and their label manager was actually out in Zurich with me at the last race.  It was really cool to show him the live aspect of what I do, and he was suitably impressed J

Talk us through some of the production processes of ‘Slipstream’. What were your main inspirations behind this release?

The inspiration behind Slipstream came from two things.  One, I wanted an absolute summer banger that will hopefully get played at festivals and clubs across the world.  And two, I wanted a track that fitted into what I play at Formula E and really suited the drivers crossing the finish line.  I feel I have definitely created a sound in my sets and wanted to make sure Slipstream kept to the bigger, more full on records I play.  At the same time of being pretty banging, I still wanted to keep something very melodic and uplifting.  The main drop was worked on first, but I still wanted something extra to give it that lift, which is where the piano at the start of the breakdown and then further in after the drop was added.

What’s been your personal release highlight so far? Is there one artist in particular you’d love to collab with?

My personal release highlight was when Armin van Burren played Don’t Take It Away on ASOT.  It was my first full release with Armada Captivating after working on a remix of The Theme by Jurgen Vries, and I got a call the night before saying it was going to be premiered on the show.  It’s every DJs dream to have their music featured on any major show, so that was pretty cool!

As the resident DJ for Formula E you have the ability to tour across some amazing places. What’s been your personal favourite spot so far?

Wow, there have been so many.  As you say we go to come incredible places but one of my favorites has to be Punta del Este in Uruguay.  It’s not the biggest race we do but the race is next to the beach so makes it pretty special.  In the first season, I got to DJ alongside Eric Morillo which was sick!

What else do you have lined up this year in terms of shows? Any festivals in the pipeline?

Well the Formula E season is coming to an end in NYC on 14th and 15th July so I am over to play at that, then at Ministry of Sound on 3rd August for a Garuda party.  There are other dates being discussed at the moment so keep an eye on my website ejmusic.com for more info.